Happy New Year 2015! Improve Your Climbing Turns Two

3aWhen I first set out to write a series of entries here aimed at helping others improve their climbing two years ago, I never thought I’d still be writing these entries two years later. I set out with the intention to try to set down and summarize what I’ve learned and concluded from all of the research I’ve done both via reading and in the field about training for and improving at climbing. My aim was and continues to be only to provide information about effective and efficient ways for others to improve their climbing.

Of course, along the way, I’m sure my views have shifted here and there from what I originally wrote even a couple years ago; such is the nature of learning and being open to new ideas as they come along. Still, though, I’ve enjoyed trying to put into words what I feel may help others on their journeys to being improved climbers, while also recognizing and realizing that all things do not apply or work for all people — such is the nature of human individuality in all things.

As Improve Your Climbing turns over into year three, I am not certain how much longer this series will continue (though there are definitely still 3-4 more entries left in the current series about climbing being the best training for climbing and plateaus) — from the start it was an open-ended endeavor, and again, I never thought I’d be writing it for as long as I have!

In any case — Improve Your Climbing returns next Friday with Climbing IS the Best Training for Climbing, But…Part 8. I hope you’ve enjoyed whatever parts of the series you’ve read, and that you’re excited to improve your climbing in 2015, or if not, to just have the most fun this year you’ve ever had doing whatever it is you love! Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015! Improve Your Climbing Turns Two”

  1. Have you ever thought about turning the series into a book? I’ve only recently started climbing and I really like your series! For a beginner as myself I only find it to lack some more in-depth info about climbing technique (like special techniques and movement initiation which i find the most challenging) but maybe it was never your goal to go there. Maybe you can add a couple of “move of the month” entries more? Good work and keep going! 🙂

    1. Hi, Francisco, and thanks so much for your comment and for taking the time to reach out. I have had several people suggest that I turn the series into a book, but I honestly find it a bit daunting and am not sure if I want to make that leap (yet). I would also like to add in more “Move of the Month” entries at some point, too — the aim of those was absolutely to help beginning climbers to understand climbing movement and technique in more detail/depth, but they quickly fell by the wayside, as you probably noticed. The issue I’m having these days is finding the time and energy to write any entries (or anything!) at all, honestly, on top of all of my other commitments. All I can promise is to say that I will continue to try to write more when I can, and I will try to get some more Move of the Month entries in there at some point, too — just because you asked for them. 🙂 Thank you so much again for your feedback, and Happy New Year!

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