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Having Trouble Motivating to Train Alone? Try This Tactic!


The Happiness of a Hard Workout


This indoor bouldering workout left me feeling pretty (okay, very) sore and tired, but it was so fun while it lasted. A couple days later, I still feel psyched about it and am looking forward to the next one (tomorrow?).

One of the best ways to make sure you’ll stay active and fit is to find a type of exercise that you will personally commit to over the long term. This might mean trying something (or some things!) new, signing up for a class, finding an exercise buddy, or hiring a personal trainer.

If you can find a form of physical exertion that you actually enjoy, so much the better. You’ll come to look forward to it, as I do — or at the very least, you’ll look forward to how awesome you feel post-exercise, even if your workout leaves you worked and sore.

For more on this, check out Why endorphins (and exercise) make you happy.

Changing Seasons, Changing Focus


I’m really enjoying my annual seasonal transition into working on strength and power. I love having problems like this in my life to work on. The best kinds of problems are the ones you can almost solve, but have to come back to later. They push your mind, body and patience. This lifelong process never gets old for me, even as I grow older every year. Sheer fun, this ever-present challenge of seeking workable solutions to difficult puzzles.