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Wyoming Women’s Climbing/Yoga Retreat

This past weekend, 14 ladies from around the state of Wyoming gathered for two nights and one (full!) day of laughter, meals, climbing and yoga. After an amazing dinner on Friday night, Saturday kicked off with two, two-hour sessions of bouldering at Elemental Performance & Fitness in Lander — one session for less experienced climbers, and a second session for more experienced climbers. This session eventually turned into “climb like a boy,” with a whole group of ladies practicing dynos out the steepest feature in the gym — awesome!

After a lunch break, we regrouped at Ananda Yoga for a three-hour yoga session, which included cool partner yoga poses. Finally, we savored delicious treats from The Gannett Grill, where everyone received a bunch of goodies provided by prAna, Joshua Tree Skin Care, Clif Bar, Scarpa and Wild Iris Mountain Sports.

Hopefully this will become an annual event, bringing women climbers/yogis from around Wyoming (and beyond?!) together in an awesome, noncompetitive and community-building experience of celebrating the activities we love.

New Climbing and Bouldering Articles & A Quick Update

Wow…I simply cannot believe it’s May already, and I haven’t had the time or energy to do much of anything here in forever, it seems. And yet it’s been so great; I have no complaints. Last week, I was involved in the Native Eyewear Locals Only Project in Cody (despite the awful freezing snow that we endured for much of the trip; see #localsonlyproject on Twitter or Instagram for more); at least the snow stopped and the sun came out for a couple hours of bouldering, right?

This came right on the heels of returning from our trip to Vegas, which was fun despite the wind and cold that mixed themselves in with the nicer days there. I also got to check out an awesome yoga studio (Sherry Goldstein’s Yoga Sanctuary), stayed with some great people, and did get some fun sandstone climbing in — more on the experience of climbing on a rope after an entire winter spent mainly bouldering and strength training soon (tomorrow I hope, but no promises).

Anyhow. Still playing catch-up today, so I don’t have time to put together all my thoughts, but wanted to share a couple links to recent articles. First, my latest prAna blog entry, in honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month: 10 Steps to Help You Craft a Healthier Lifelong Eating Plan. And second, just in case you’re wondering — or if you’re actually not a climber/boulderer but are thinking about trying it, my latest article on The Nest: What to Wear for Bouldering. It might seem obvious to you, but for newbies, it never is! Plus the article does cite a cool study validifying the use of chalk to improve friction while climbing — guess there’s something to it after all (I always knew we couldn’t all be insane or imagining things, I suppose). And I feel obligated here to throw in a couple words about my current favorite bouldering/climbing pieces from prAna’s spring line — the Bedford Canyon Pant, Halle Pant, Mabel 1/2 Zip, and Leyla Top top my list this season (among many other awesome picks, of course)!

Hopefully I’ll find the time to write more tomorrow and/or later in the week, as I still have more (many more, actually) Ways to Improve Your Sport Climbing/Bouldering entries that I’d like to get out there in an effort to help you work toward achieving your own personal climbing or bouldering potential in the most efficient and effective and fun ways possible. Until then, though, I hope you’re having as busy and as fun a spring climbing and doing other fun stuff as I am. Enjoy!