About Me

I am a certified personal trainer (CPT, ACTION Personal Trainer Certification), certified yoga instructor (RYT-200, Yoga Alliance) and a personal climbing coach and trainer, as well as a professional writer. I also happen to have a bachelor’s degree in modern European history from Harvard University.

I started climbing in the early 90s. For almost 20 years, I just climbed as training for my climbing. While logging time climbing is inarguably an essential component of intelligent training for climbing, it isn’t necessarily the most efficient or effective training in and of itself — especially if you’ve been climbing for a long time already. However, it wasn’t until the late 2000s that I started exploring training for climbing beyond “just climbing.” After applying training techniques to myself and seeing positive results, I began an online climbing coaching service in late 2008.

These days, I balance rock climbing with my expanding yoga practice and teaching yoga to others. Teaching yoga allows me to share the joy of movement in the moment and uniting the mental and physical with far more people than climbing; it’s accessible and doable no matter who you are. As Christina Brown says in The Yoga Bible, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

Simply put, I am a person who loves to move and lives to move and dwell in the current moment, through and through. Having a passion is a wonderful expression and experience of being fully human, however silly and inconsequential that passion may be. Nothing makes me feel more alive and in tune with my surroundings and my entire being than moving as a total being in the present moment, whether I’m climbing, practicing yoga or just laughing with friends.