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Creating the Best Training Plan for Each Client (Personal Trainer Blog)

Improve Your Climbing Series on prAna LIfe

Two Climbing Festivals in Two Weeks (prAna Life)

Cultivating Balance as a Climber with Yin and Restorative Yoga (prAna Life)

Start Training for Climbing Safely: Five Essential Tips for Newbies (The Mountain Blog)

Yoga Mind, Climbing Mind: Exploring the “Whys” of Learning & Mastering Movements (prAna Life)

Yoga Teacher Training: No Climbing for One Month (prAna Life)

The Best Rock Climbing Pants (LIVESTRONG.COM)

Gaming and Climbing: A Climber’s Journey (Back) into the Virtual Realm of Video Games (Innate Blog)

Climbing Heel Hook Exercises (Houston Chronicle)

RRGCC Rocktoberfest 2013 in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge (Scarpa blog)

Behind the Founding of the Bighorn Climbers’ Coalition: An Interview with Eric “Shaggy” Johnson

Stepping Stones Part 5…Celebrating National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (2): Creating a More Enjoyable, Sustainable and Beneficial Physical Fitness Plan, Steps 6 – 10 (prAna Life)

Stepping Stones, Part 5…Celebrating National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (2): Creating a More Enjoyable, Sustainable and Beneficial Physical Fitness Plan, Steps 1 – 5 (prAna Life)

Bringing (Back) Climbing: Starting a Community Climbing Initiative in Wyoming (Scarpa NA Blog)

10 Steps to Help You Craft a Healthier Lifelong Eating Plan (prAna Life)

What to Wear for Bouldering (The Nest)

Replacement Exercises for Triceps Pushdown (eHow Fitness)

Sore Glutes After Dead Lifts (eHow Fitness)

Does Rock Climbing Work Out Every Muscle? (eHow Fitness)

Stepping Stones, Part 2: The One-Thing-at-a-Time Principle of Making Permanent Changes (prAna Life)

Stepping Stones: Creating a Path to a (More) Effective Diet, Fitness, Training and/or Lifestyle Plan (prAna Life)

Landforms of Wyoming (AZCentral Travel)

How to Climb Open Handed (LIVESTRONG.COM)

How to Rock Climb Faster (LIVESTRONG.COM)

Fat & Crazy?! (prAna Life)

Alli Rainey: Fall Report – Climbing Events, Climbing, & More Climbing Events (Scarpa Blog)

Strengthening Arms & Fingers With Climbing (The Nest)

prAna Blog: The Milk Chocolate Wall at the Chocolate Factory, Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Fun Thing to Do in Guernsey, Wyoming (USA Today Travel Tips)

prAna Blog: Rocktoberfest 2012, etc.

How to Use Your Legs in Bouldering ( Healthy Living)

Bouldering Workout Routine ( Healthy Living)

Alli Rainey: Volunteer for National Public Lands Day (prAna blog)

What Can Replace Pullups? ( Healthy Living)

Do Weighted Pullups Help Rock Climbers? ( Healthy Living)

Muscles Used in Bouldering ( Healthy Living)

Muscle Imbalance & Rock Climbing ( Healthy Living)

Pushing Through Climbing Plateaus ( Healthy Living)

Does Indoor Rock Climbing Tone Your Legs & Butt? ( Healthy Living)

Rock Climbing as a Full Body Workout ( Healthy Living)

Summer Sport Climbing in Ten Sleep Canyon, Wyoming & Beyond; High-Country Climbing in Wyoming to Escape the Summer Heat (Scarpa Blog)

Basic Weight Training for Climbers & Boulderers; Why To Consider Weight Training for Climbing (Flashed Blog)

Beer Consumption & Muscle Cramps (LIVESTRONG.COM)

Creatine Usage And Dosage (LIVESTRONG.COM)

Facts on Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate (LIVESTRONG.COM)

Fish Oil & Muscle (LIVESTRONG.COM)

Recovery Strategies For Muscle Performance (LIVESTRONG.COM)

Top Whey Protein Products (LIVESTRONG.COM)

Things to See Around Sundance Wyoming (USA Today Travel Tips)

Flexibility, Stretching and Rock Climbing (prAna Blog)

Yellowstone National Park Vacations (

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