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Product of the Month 3: Joshua Tree Skin Care Climbing Salve


I haven’t tried a product from Joshua Tree Skin Care that I haven’t loved yet, but as this climbing season got underway, I have come to appreciate J-Tree Climbing Salve more than ever before. Why? Because every day I climb right now, my skin gets abraded by day’s end to the point of me not wanting to touch another climbing hold. Of course, this is not desirable for climbing again anytime soon.

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve to the rescue.

This healing ointment not only smells great and feels soothing on the sore spots but also, it absorbs rapidly and doesn’t leave a slimy or sticky residue. And, a little goes a long way, which means that a single container lasts a long time, even with frequent applications throughout the evening after climbing or on rest days. Best of all, it seems to expedite healing, keeping any abraded, weakened areas of skin on my hands and fingers from getting into that dreaded cycle of splitting that once started can be so difficult to stop. I can’t remember a day at this point that hasn’t involved multiple applications of Joshua Tree Climbing Salve.

Thanks goes out to the J-Tree skincare wizards for creating this essential skin-saver!