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What Happened to Ways to Improve Your Sport Climbing/Bouldering?

The intention is still there to add to the “Ways to Improve Your Sport Climbing/Bouldering” entries here – the time and energy, however, have both been lacking for quite some time now (obviously).

As spring looms just around the corner, my face time with my computer has dwindled to a scant few hours here and there each week, which is quite the change for me. It’s not an undesirable or unwelcome one, either, to be honest. Spending more time out in the “local” community – local in quotes because here in Wyoming, this includes anywhere in the state, pretty much – and getting more involved has proven rewarding and engaging. And yet, it’s that same loose use of local that’s partially responsible for eating into those times when I used to plunk away at the keyboard all day – when I/we go out to do something in the community, if it’s not climbing for ourselves, that “something” usually involves a minimum of an hours’ drive round-trip multiple times a week, and a two-hour drive round-trip at least once, if not twice, a week these days.

Though it might seem odd, these commutes in and of themselves don’t bother me much – not really at all, truth be told. I love this area; I see beauty in the wide, brown expanses of open space and high desert that surround us. I look forward to watching them turn green before they turn brown yet again, scorched by the hot summer sun. I revel in the gradual movement of the sun in the sky, heralding the oncoming spring season with its daily progress. When I started going to yoga classes in Worland back in January, it was already dark before class started; these days, it’s still light when I leave to drive home through the rolling badlands back to Ten Sleep, where the snow is finally, at long last, melting away, making for slushy slogs to the crags and back.

Yes, we’re getting out there on occasion now, after a cold and snowy winter here – one (good) day of climbing outside in January, and one (freezing) day of climbing outside in February. And now, March is giving us a little love – not a lot yet, mind you – but a little bit here and there, reminding me of what it feels like to touch warm rock, to clip bolts, and to get absolutely hammered by the steep thugginess of the chossy off-season climbing here. It’s quite the awakening, always, even after bouldering and training all winter.

Beyond those days of climbing outside (and training inside) – after which I’m useless energetically for anything but stuffing the face-hole and logging some serious couch time – we’ve been putting time into the Gottsche Wellness Center’s bouldering wall. We reset the entire wall last Tuesday, and we’ll be hosting an open house there this next Tuesday, March 19, from 2 to 5 p.m. (really psyched for that). Clif Bar, prAna, Rocky Mountain Sunscreen and Bonnie’s Balms (plus possibly more companies) will be kicking in goodies for participants at this and/or future events held there. The hope is to draw more people of all ages in Thermopolis into bouldering for fun, for fitness, for social reasons – or all three.

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Alongside these climbing commitments, we’re both discovering that our love of movement in the moment – that same passion that keeps the fire burning for climbing and training for climbing – can take on other forms and push us to grow in new directions, challenging us to test our bodies and beings in different ways. My longtime yoga practice deepens here at home, becoming a part of daily living. In addition, the community has a variety of classes and opportunities that invite us both to expand our horizons.

When I do sit down in front of a screen, then, I’m finding that I seem to have just the right amount of time to fulfill my real obligations – obligations that, for the most part, require the use of creativity, brainpower (studying!), writing, or, more often than not, a combination of all of these. And that’s exactly how it just keeps happening – each week flies by, and though I intend to finish writing one of the training entries I started a month ago now, I find no time to make it happen.

But the intention is still there. And when the time is right, I’ll probably get back to these. At least, I think I will now – at some point in the next few months, whenever I find a spare energetic/creative moment that isn’t taken by something more pressing or engaging or demanding of my time and effort.

Or, come to think of it, maybe I won’t ever find that time at all. I’m open to that change, too. Life happens; change is inevitable. Priorities shift. I fully accept that to give more in certain areas, I will have to give less in others…as hard as that is to admit and acknowledge, it’s a reality that’s much easier to manage if you recognize it and take it for what it is instead of struggling with it mentally and emotionally, or even worse, allowing yourself to become so overextended in your commitments to others that you have no time or energy left to honor yourself or the people you truly love and care about.

So, no promises here – maybe I’ll find time to write more training stuff next week, maybe next month, maybe not. I don’t know, at this point. More important to me right now is being out there in person trying to spread the love of climbing and movement and helping others find this connection with their bodies and beings, the joy and lightness of living and being present in the moment here and now, releasing all expectations and fears and baggage from the day/from life past and present and future, whether it’s through stepping onto a bouldering wall for the first time, or it’s in a yoga class trying out a difficult balancing pose and crashing to the floor in a heap of childish giggles, or it’s trying to learn how to properly set-up an arm bar, or it’s just sitting peacefully exhausted while appreciating the beautiful brown scenery as it rolls by for an hour on the drive home from one or all of the above.