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Register Now! Eight-Week Yoga Series at SoHL in Worland, May 8-June 26

Start, expand, modify, or deepen your practice of yoga poses (asanas) in this 8-week class series taking place at the School of Holistic Living (SoHL) in Worland, Wyoming, appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners. Whether you want to learn how to  take a pose or sequence to the next level or how to modify that same  pose or sequence to make it more accessible and comfortable now, this  alignment-oriented class series aims to provide you with the tools you  need to get more out of your regular yoga classes, enabling you to  follow along with the teacher’s instructions more easily and to  incorporate your own modifications or advanced refinements as you go.

Each week’s class will focus on one particular area of asana practice,  but will also include a complete series of poses from warm-up to  cool-down, allowing you multiple opportunities to practice each pose and modifications throughout the series. After each class, I’ll stay for 10 minutes (or longer) to answer any questions about the  poses/modifications covered in the class and to assist with pose  alignments if students wish. Email me for information about how to register. Drop-ins will also be welcome if the class isn’t full, but this class will only take place if at least five people pre-register.

Week 1: Saluting the Sun (sun salutations and the poses that they include, breathing, and linking the breath to movement)

Week 2: The Warrior Within (Warrior poses and variations)

Week 3: Standing Tall (standing poses)

Week 4: Balancing Act (balancing poses)

Week 5: Core Strength and Flexibility (backbends and abdominal toners)

Week 6: Changing Perspectives (inversions)

Week 7: Turning and Twisting (twists & hip openers)

Week 8: Moving Forward (forward bends)